Hi, I'm Davina

I teach UK-based, highly sensitive introverts how to practise yin yoga at home and how to apply what they learn to other areas of their life so that they can manage stress and burnout, and start thriving at work, in relationships, with family as well as personal enjoyment.

So, if you've been feeling tired all the time and overwhelmed by your endless to-do lists and responsibilities, and are ready to introduce self-care to your daily life but are not sure how, you're in the right place.

Through my online therapeutic yin yoga classes and private sessions, you'll learn to start prioritising your own needs and find a realistic way to achieve more balance in life.


"I have attended yin yoga classes before, but Davina’s was different in that I feel she has shown me how my practice on the mat can be transferred into my daily life. I have a busy full time job and tend to push myself to the limits both in and out of work, frequently neglecting my own self care. Through brief yin yoga sessions with Davina, I have already begun to develop more awareness, throughout my day, of points where I can make small changes to allow more self compassion and balance into my life. The sessions have definitely freed up my mind as well as my body."

Catriona, Stirling

"I enjoyed my class with Davina. I immediately felt at ease not having known what to expect. Her knowledge along with her gentle way of delivering the class made for an excellent class."

- Sarah, Edinburgh

"Having dipped in to yoga infrequently over the years, I found that Davina's class made me feel comfortable with my own body, my strengths and my limitations. I felt relaxed during the class, and after felt recharged and ready for the day ahead. Would definitely recommend her class to others."

- Lorna, Glasgow

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